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Recess Jams is a program that was specifically designed for Elementary and Middle School students. It's a high energy, high interactive program that not only makes sure every student has a great time, but also makes sure that every student is involved and no one is left out of the fun. It's a 2hr program where Midnight Entertainment will come to your school or facility and provide clean music, and clean dance activities specifically designed for group involvement and to get the kids up and moving. The main focus behind Recess Jams is to involve exercise with great music and great dance activities. Such great activities include the classics like The Hokey Pokey, The Chicken Dance, The YMCA, and current fun activities like Simon Says, Cupid Shuffle, The Freeze Dance and many more! So give us a call today, and let our professional staff assist you in making sure that your students not only stay active, but have a great time as well!

For Recess Jams Bookings Please Call

715-299-3200 or Click Here